The Krickler Files

All of these photos are from my first year at Neill - 1991-92

 Beer1  and  Beer2 :

Empty cases stacked for the bottle-run for the month of January after Neill Week
1992.  I think these speak for themselves!

 Zebra1 :

The boys getting ready for a roadtrip to Mount A for the weekend (fall of '91). From
left to right are: Mark "Dog" Duplisea, Steve Gibbons, Aides, Al Avis, Jamie

 Neillnightout1 :

Fall 1991 - The boys out for a night on the town at the Cosmo.

 Dogpissin :

My friend Dog doing his thing at the Cosmo during Neill night out! At least he made it
to the bathroom this time!

 Poolparty :

Second floor pool party Winter 1992.

 Vern :

Vern "Fonz" Saunders lip-synching to AC/DC in our room #306 Winter 1992.

 Scott&Dog :

Scott "Pippy" McLeod and Mark "Dog" Duplisea demonstrating the finer techniques
of wearing protective headgear for the chilly New Brunswick winters.

 Grog1 :

The boys gather around a spool for a little poker and beers in the Barroom.  The grog
was held in the Winter 1992 just prior to a Varsity Mania at the Aitken Centre.

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